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At John Hargreaves we pride ourselves in our quality and service. At every stage of the process your order is subjected to stringent quality checks to provide you with complete peace of mind.

From the incoming raw materials, that is all obtained either from recycled stocks or from certified sustainable sources, we manufacture our own Kraft and Test paper and board products to match the required specifications.  We produce our own corrugated to a catalogue of flute profiles and fabricate our finished single face and double face products to match  top industry standards or to meet a customer’s own bespoke specifications.

This policy also enables us to fulfil our own environmental commitments. All our raw materials are compliant and our ‘Eco Loop’ includes recycled and sustainable source raw materials, leading to fully recyclable finished products.

Finally, in-house manufacturing at this level also allows us to manage our production schedules more efficiently.  Our lead times are amongst the fastest in the industry and we endeavour to process all orders (including bespoke specifications) within 48 to 72 hours before despatch on our own extensive transport fleet.


Double face corrugated sheetboard can be custom manufactured in white or brown using a variety of Kraft, Test and fluting papers in a range of weights to suit your own production requirements. Sheet widths can be anything from 200mm up to 2470mm and chop lengths can be specified from 500mm up to 3200mm. We can also incorporate machine scoring to match box and case designs. Our single face corrugated is supplied on standard 75m rolls cut at any height from 100mm up to 2500mm.

Single Face
Highly competitive, quality assured corrugated for a wide range of packaging needs.

Double Face
Bespoke packaging materials manufactured to match each customer’s individual needs.

John Hargreaves
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